Philip Ferguson Jones MMAA, RMIP is a UK based artist and illustrator.

Born Prescot, Liverpool UK. Lives in Lancaster

Wrexham School of Art

Medical Artist’s Education Trust, Anatomical training at The Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences at the University of Manchester & The Royal College of Surgeons of England


Medical Artist’s Association biannual exhibition 2016. Gold award for best in exhibition (Sympathetic nerve route)

Ronald Raven Award 2007. To study in Bologna & Florence, Italy

Medical Artist’s Education Trust Bursary for study 2008

Mervyn Peake Awards 2015. A celebration of the creativity of people with parkinson’s.
Highly commended in the category “best book” The author was awarded this for Parkinson-Petes-Poems.


Top 14 exhibitors at the Liverpool arts market 2016 Echo
Redbull Harbour Reach 2014, main promotional artwork
BBC Holby City, key illustrator for The Herzig 5 artificial Heart


Shaking with Laughter, 2013. P, Royal
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Colour Yourself Smart Human Anatomy,2010. W, Leonard, P F, Jones
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Oculoplastic Surgery, 2002. B, Leatherbarow
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Oculoplastic Surgery 3rd edition, 2010. B, Leatherbarow
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The Button-Over-Nail technique for zone 1 Flexor Tendon Injuries
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Orbital decompression surgery for thyroid eye disease: implications for anaesthesia.
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The ‘RITE’ use of the Fricke flap in periorbital reconstruction.
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The rhomboid flap in medial canthal reconstruction.
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The British journal of ophthalmology 85(5):556-9 , 2001 May


Bologna Fiere, Italy 2008
Medical Artist’s Conference Antwerp Zoo, belgium 2007
Quiggins Building, Liverpool 2005
Royal College of Surgeons, London 2005
Albert Dock, Liverpool 1994